The Liberalian Worker's Party

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[edit] The Liberalian Worker's Party


The LWP was founded in February by then NSCPWP Chairman now known as Askar Akayev. This was the most communistic party of all.

Members: Grand Moffaul Tarkin,Casaibian.

Casaibian became the third member and became Vice-Chairman after the Former-Vice-Chairman became un-active,but it tourned out later he was a spie from MOIS Norad and he was banned,he created the Third Coalition including:the Liberal Party,the LWP and the MRLP. He is not in the region anymore.

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[edit] The Songun Party

The SP was founded by Grand Moffaul Tarkin now known as Askar Akayev. The SP is a militarian socialist party which believes in a strong military.

The Manifesto of the SP:

Religion Everybody can have their own beliefs and practise it everywhere.

The Church

The church will be allowed one representative to spectate, they will be allowed to give their views and are allowed to vote on bills.

Economic Policies

We will stop the tax burden and in turn people will work for food and other essentials they need. Private ownership is banned and will be owned by the state.


The Songun Party is a militarian Party, we want more and more military to help other nations and Regions. The Army should be lead by a Supreme Commander of the Christmas Revolution and two Marshals of Liberalia.


We willout law all forms of child labour. We will also make sure that workers are provided with enough food. Workers will be paid and they will also be paid with food and essentials.


All children must complete secondary education and must also learn about the revolutions in Russia, North Korea, China and Cuba and our great comrades Marx, Lenin, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong,and all the others.


No person is allowed to have possession of a gun. Only the army and the police may use firearms. Life sentences will mean life and any act of murder will be punished by 75 years in prison.

Written by: Askar Akayev Current General Secretary of the Christian Worker's Party,Former General Secretary of the Songun Party and Former Chairman of the Liberalian Worker's Party.

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